Amazon Break Through Novel Award

Hi there,

I am officially writing the last chapter of my novel! It’s just in time to because I have decided to enter Amazon’s Break through Novel awards. Submissions being February 16, so I need to have this finished by then. I’m so excited, not only for the contest, but because I work so much better under pressure. Luckily, editing is allowed until submissions close. The first step was to create a 300 word pitch. This is where my thrown out prologue comes in. Usually summarizing my stories is a difficult task, but the prologue has such good material in it, and I’m so glad I was able to find a home for some of it.

I don’t want to share my full pitch as it would give away too much of the plot, but here’s a snippet:

Paisley Grace is no one now. She’s eighteen years old, stuck in a kaleidoscope where life is walking in straight lines and being precise.

Life wasn’t always this way. Teenage pregnancy, vandalism, and drugs in a small Oregon coastal town could have been dealt with as they had been for years, but when Paisley’s plans to runaway are found out, her father takes action. Abusing his power as mayor, he convinces the town that it’s time to take back their children.

For a contest I have little chance of winning, I’m pretty excited to enter and the push it’s given me to finish my novel.

Xx Melissa

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2 Responses to Amazon Break Through Novel Award

  1. Hi Melissa, I saw your link on Createspace board. Congrats on your competing for Amazon breakthrough novel.

    Happy writing. Please stop by blog.
    http : / /

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