10 Word Prompts Wednesday

Hi there,

I’m excited to say that Paisley: Lost in Color has officially been entered into Amazon’s Break Through Novel Awards. The contest is exactly what I needed to push me to finish writing. Everything came together, but a bit shorter than I expected. Editing is permitted until submissions close, so I will be spending the coming weeks editing and fleshing out my scenes. In the next week, I plan to look around for more advice on the editing process. I’ll post my findings.

This weeks word prompts:











If you use any of these words, feel free to share your sentences in the comments. I’ll share mine as well. And if you have any prompt suggestions for next week, leave those as well.

Xx Melissa



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3 Responses to 10 Word Prompts Wednesday

  1. The lace of her nightgown pokes out of her robe below her collarbone.

    She slouches back against my bedroom door, the color of the black paint blending with the darkest tones in her hair as she bangs her head back against it.

  2. Hi Melissa, I’m not writing at the moment but I like your prompts.

    Here are a few prompts;




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